What They Say…

What the principals say…

‘Beautifully simple!’
‘Delighted with the programme as it targets an age group which is often overlooked.’
‘One of the most successful initiatives we’ve ever had.’

What the teachers say…

‘It’s nice to allow the children to work in small groups, where they have more of a chance to practice skills and be involved. They also have more of a chance to socialize in the groups.’
‘The children have said they love Thursdays now because of the activities and the parents have said that the time flies and that they like to get to know their children’s friends better and also to see how their children behave in PE lessons.’
‘Children seem to love it as when we had to cancel for two weeks due to the snow they were very upset. The parent leaders think it’s great to see the children so active.’
‘The children have had the chance to develop their skills as the programme each week builds on the skills that have been taught. Also, working in teams has helped social interaction between the different classes.’
‘They get so much exercise out of it by the end of the session they are sweating! It’s so good for them mentally, physically and socially.’ ‘I would definitely encourage other teachers to participate.’
‘I would recommend as it is a well laid out, easy to follow programme and the children really benefit from it.’
‘One child that was very good at team games remarked that he could not skip – I think the programme is extremely beneficial for all children, it’s surprising what they cannot actually do!’
‘The continued support has been very good and the knowledge that questions can be asked throughout the programme is very helpful.’

What the parents say…

‘It’s a great idea, my son loves it. He was very upset last week when it was cancelled because of the weather.’
‘Seeing their little faces and how excited and determined they are is brilliant.’
‘Kids love the fact that there’s five or six adults prancing around like eejits’
‘I brought a group of them home yesterday and they continued to play the games and they discussed every game in detail at the table to see how they could do it better next time.’

What the children say…

‘I think it’s good because we do a lot of exercising and practice breathing and everything’
‘If you don’t know what to do you can ask your Mam if you’re shy’
‘I sometimes do some exercises from be active in the house and some other ones’

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Be Active ASAP certificates 2016/2017
Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Be Active ASAP participation cert Be Active ASAP leader cert Please click on the links above to download a Be Active ASAP certificate for the year 2016/2017. We hope you enjoyed the programme!

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017