What age group is this programme aimed at?

The programme is designed for 7/8 year olds. Most schools deliver it to second class but, depending on the school size, some deliver the programme to 1st/3rd class.

Why was this age group chosen?

The age group was chosen as it is generally an age at which children begin to make decisions about what they like and don’t like and form opinions about their abilities. This programme aims to catch children at this crucial age and expose them to a wide variety of activities in a familiar, supportive environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

What is the content of the Be Active ASAP?

The programme contains 30 sessions divided into five six-week strands: Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Outdoor and Adventure Activities and Athletics. A Fun Fitness section and stretch/mobility cards are also included. Each activity section contains a session card for each week of activity, and in the case of station sessions, as in Games, Gymnastics and Athletics, activity cards accompany each session card.

What duration is a Be Active ASAP session?

Each session allows for approximately 50 minutes of activity.

What if there is no hall in my school?

Many schools have successfully delivered the programme without a hall. If a school wishes to deliver the programme, they usually find a way. Some use a classroom, others a local hall. And in fine weather most sessions can be delivered outdoors.

What equipment is needed to deliver the programme?

This programme is not very equipment intensive. Some strands require virtually no equipment and those that require equipment require no more than is found in most schools. Lack of equipment has not posed a problem for any school so far.

What role do the teacher leaders play?

The teacher leader plays an active, supervisory role in each session, ensuring quality of activity and checking that each child is being challenged at an appropriate level. All sessions are provided in the programme folder so there is little plannning involved but there is a certain amount of co-ordination to be done. During the sessions there are parents there to support the teacher by taking individual groups/stations.

Can more than one teacher deliver the sessions in one school?

Yes, it is often the case that a group of teachers deliver the sessions in rotation in a school.

What is involved in the teacher training?

Any teacher intending to deliver the Be Active ASAP must attend the Be Active teacher training. This is a three-hour session which takes place in September. Information is provided regarding this to registered schools at the beginning of the school year.

Why are parents involved in the Be Active ASAP?

Parental involvement in the Be Active ASAP is a crucial aspect of the programme. They set a positive example to their children regarding physical activity, they support the teacher by supervising a particular station/group and their involvement has a positive impact on the adult:child ratio, ensuring all children get individual attention and encouragement.

What role do parent leaders play in the sessions?

The role of the parents is to provide support to the teachers and to encourage and support the children as they try the activities. Parents do not need to have any specific skills, just a positive attitude. In most sessions each parent will supervise a small group of children for five minutes and then the children rotate to a new activity and each parent gets a new group. The teacher provides the parent beforehand with all the information he/she needs.

How many parents are usually involved?

This differs greatly between schools. Ideally there should be a minimum adult:child ration of 1:8. However this is usually far exceeded and in many cases parents work out a schedule so that they can take turns each week or each block.

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